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Updates about the libraries' collections and operations will be provided at this FAQ as we have new information to share.

Library Access 

The library is now closed permanently due to COVID-19 containment efforts. However, library faculty and staff continue to work remotely to assist you.

Online resources (e.g. databases) are available to currently enrolled students and currently employed staff and faculty. Access to online resources will end once your courses have ended or employment has ended. We are not able to offer library database access to alumni, and there is no agreement with the institutions continuing our academic programs to offer access to their library databases. Check your local public library for its database selection and/or local universities for their access policies. 

Library Services

Due Dates

  • All library materials will be due back no later than April 24th.
  • If you are in the Portland area, please use the book drop on the north side of the library (by the parking lot) to return library materials. Keep materials at your location if returning them is a health risk.
  • If you are no longer in the Portland area, please contact a librarian at and we can help you figure out a way to get books back to us.

  • Please disregard all notices with library charges. No patrons will be charged during the shelter-in-place time period.

Interlibrary Loan

  • The last day online and law students will be able to request print materials from interlibrary loan is March 15th. You may continue to request articles and book chapters through your Tipasa account
  • The last day to request any items (articles, book chapters, etc.) is April 24th. If you need materials beyond this date, please contact your local public library.

Research Support

  • For MAT-E and M.Ed. students continuing in classes beyond April 27th, we will continue to offer databases appropriate for your research. Research assistance will be available through June 26th. 
  • Beginning April 27th contact us with research and library questions at We will also schedule phone research appointments. Please email us to schedule a specific time to talk.

Graduate Writing Support

  • Consultations are now available via web conferencing, phone-in, and email through July 11th! Schedule an appointment here. Find more information on the policies page.

Undergraduate Writing and Tutoring Support

  • Support is available through April 22nd at 5PM. Beyond that date, a list of regional agencies that provide editing support for hire is found at the very bottom of the writing services page. Or, try to connect with another student in your program and ask if they would look at your paper.  Or ask your capstone instructor if they could provide feedback before the paper is due.


What is going to happen to all of the books?  Are you going to sell the books?  What is going to happen to the artwork?  What is going to happen to display items?

  • At this time, no decisions have been made about what will happen to all the books, artwork or display items.   

What is happening to the CVGS Collection?

  • Concordia University – Portland is reaching out to regional and national institutions to gauge their interest in acquiring these items.  We are looking for organizations who can build on and maintain the print and online collections and offer a similar resource to patrons working on research in this area.  

What about student dissertations and theses?

  • We are working out details of transferring the contents of CU Commons, including dissertations and theses, to another Concordia institution. Please note that we will only be able to transfer dissertations and theses marked for open access. If you selected campus-only access for your dissertation/thesis and would still like it to be transferred, please contact
  • We are also investigating the possibility of moving print copies of theses to another institution's collection.

I donated books (or other items) to the collection. What is going to happen to those?

  • Items donated to Concordia are the property of Concordia.  Depending on the item, we will work to find public places where all can enjoy these materials. 

The Chronicle of Higher Education Access

The library's subscription to The Chronicle ends April 24th. The jobs search is freely available, along with select articles. Please check with your local public library about obtaining "premium" articles.

Thank you for your patience as we work through these issues.

Last updated: June 17, 2020

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    1. Krista Reynolds, can you please contact me regarding the library? I have sent a couple messages via different avenues, and have yet to get a response.
      by Dia Edinger Nickelsen on Feb 16, 2020.
    2. Have you tried to contact the Washington State Historical Society or the Washington State Library for the CVGS Special Collection? This is a valuable regional resource.
      by Ty Rosenow on Feb 19, 2020.

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