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A peer reviewed article is an article that has been reviewed by scholars who are subject specialists in the same field as the author. The group of peer reviewers can accept an article for publication, request revisions before publication or reject an article. Because of this process, peer reviewed articles and journals are considered the most authoritative and reliable sources.

There are a few different ways to find a peer reviewed article. One way is to start by clicking the Databases link from the library homepage.

Then choose a database to use. Don't know which database to use? Search our databases by subject to choose an appropriate database, or check out the databases listed on the Research Guides page for your course or subject.

Next, enter your keywords in the search bar(s). Keywords are the most important words in your topic. Do NOT include your entire research question or thesis, just the keywords.

Finally, check the box to limit to peer reviewed articles. This box is called something different depending on the database and is also located in different places. But usually it will say something like, "limit to peer reviewed" or "limit to scholarly journals" and is usually located beneath the search bars. It may appear on the basic or advanced search screens. Or, it may appear on the search results screen, like the example below.

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