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We'll soon have a new ebook database -- Ebook Central.

The content of the new ebook database will be very familiar, though. Two of our ebook databases (EBL Ebook Library and eBrary Academic Complete) will be merging to create Ebook Central.

EBL + eBrary = Ebook Central

Here are the dates for when things will happen:

  • March 28 = EBL migration to Ebook Central (starts around 4:00pm Pacific Time)
  • March 29 = eBrary migration to Ebook Central (starts around 11:00am Pacific Time)
  • March 30 = Ebook Central should be available

Here are answers to some questions you may have. (And if you have a question that isn't listed here, please let us know!)

Q. I'm going to check out an ebook before the migration period starts, but it won't be due until after the migration is complete. What will happen?

A. This will depend on whether or not you download the ebook.

  • If you download the ebook after checking it out, it should still be available on your ereader. However, after Ebook Central is live, you may need to re-download the book because the connection and DRM (digital rights management) will be reset.
  • If you do not download the ebook and just read it from the EBL or eBrary interface, you won't have access during the migration period. Your ebook will still be checked out to you, but there there will be a reset. When Ebook Central is live, log in with your Concordia username and password, and check your account to access the ebook again.

Q. I saved a link to an ebook from EBL/eBrary. What will happen to the link?

A. All links to ebooks from EBL and eBrary will automatically redirect to Ebook Central for four (4) years. (Until 2021.) If you think you'll need the link longer than four years, we recommend updating the link after the migration--just click on the link you saved and then check the location bar to save the updated version.

Q. I linked to ebooks in my Blackboard class. Will I need to update the links?

A. The library has been sharing information with the Educational Technology group so that they can develop a plan to update all links to ebooks in Blackboard. And with the link redirects in place for four (4) years, there's time to make the changes. If you're concerned about a particular ebook or course, please contact Educational Technology.

Q. I use the bookshelf function in EBL/eBrary to keep track of my books. Will I still have a bookshelf?*

A. Yes! Ebook Central will also have a bookshelf, complete with notes, highlights, bookmarks, and folder structure.

  • EBL: Bookshelves from EBL will automatically transfer over to Ebook Central.
  • eBrary: Bookshelves from eBrary will need to be manually transferred. Here are the steps.
    • Log in to Ebook Central
    • Click on the Bookshelf link
    • Click on the "Move ebrary Bookshelf" button to transfer your bookshelf from eBrary to Ebook Central
      Ebook Central screenshot showing option to transfer bookshelf from ebrary
    • NOTE: If you click on the "X" instead, the option to transfer your bookshelf will not reappear. If you accidentally close the option, you'll need to contact
    • You'll then see a screen telling you that the next steps will be to log in from the CU login page by clicking on the "Get Started" button.
      Ebook Central screenshot showing steps to transfer bookshelf from ebrary
    • After you click the "Get Started" button, you should go to the Concordia login page.
    • After logging in, your eBrary bookshelf contents will be copied over to your Ebook Central bookshelf. (Note: In some cases, the system may not ask you to log in.)
    • If the system was able to successfully copy your bookshelf from eBrary, you'll see a message that says "We moved your ebrary bookshelf to Ebook Central."
      Ebook Central screenshot that says "We moved your ebrary bookshelf to Ebook Central"
    • If the system could not locate an eBrary bookshelf for you, or if it has any other problems, you'll see a message that says "Sorry, we weren't able to move your ebrary Bookshelf. Please contact"
      Ebook Central screenshot that says "Sorry, we weren't able to move your ebrary Bookshelf."
    • To close the message, click on the "X."

*Note: ProQuest, our ebook database provider, doesn't show that anyone from Concordia is using the Bookshelf feature. However, we're providing this information just in case anyone needs it.

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