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Look for the location information in the catalog record. Most books are shelved in the Main Collection (2nd and 3rd floors), but we also have Children's Literature (room 210), Oversize (3rd floor), and Reference (1st floor).

  • Read the call number line by line.
  • Call numbers that begin with A - D are located on the 2nd floor and E - Z are on the 3rd floor; the letter sections are in alphabetical order.
  • Once you have located the letter section of your book, look at the second line, which is a number. Read the second line as a whole number. Within a letter section, numbering begins with 1 and may go to the thousands.
  • Once you have found the letter and number section of your book, look at the third line, which begins with a letter. Again, books are shelved in alphabetical order by the third line, and are then ordered by the number, which is read as a decimal.
  • The fourth line is read the same way as the third line (or for some books may be the publication date).
  • The fifth line, shown on the books below, is generally the publication date. If we have the same book but different editions, older editions would be shelved before newer editions (e.g. 1998 before 2004).

The call number groups books on similar subjects together. Browse the shelves to find related information!

Please ask a librarian if you'd like help!

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