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Finding out of an article is peer-reviewed can sometimes involve a few steps.

The first strategy to try is to search the library catalog (OneSearch) for the title of your article. Look for the words "Peer Reviewed" in the listing.

Screenshot of OneSearch article with Peer Reviewed icon

Sometimes peer-reviewed journals also publish reviews or editorials in addition to articles. It's important to make sure your article is not actually an editorial or a review, as this would not generally be considered a peer-reviewed article.

If these words aren't listed for your article, try searching the internet for the title of the journal. In this case, the journal is called The Reading Teacher. A quick search reveals the website for this journal, and it refers to an editorial board. This generally means that a journal is peer-reviewed. Sometimes the official websites for journals will state outright that they are peer-reviewed. This can also confirm its status.

As you can see, determining if an article is peer-reviewed involves a few steps. If you have questions, we're always available to help

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