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This topic requires searching in a few different ways. Think broadly about the use of course or school web sites to communicate with parents, supplement and reinforce course content, and/or assign/accept homework. 

Some ideas:

  • In the first box: technology
  • In the second box: "parent participation"


  • In the first box: technology
  • In the second box: "parent school relationship"


  • In the first box: technology
  • In the second box: "home-school"

Keep in mind "home-school" will yield results about the home-school connection, but some will be about home schooling. You can also do some searches where you flip that: "school-home". 

There are two great articles (primary research) in the search for "teacher websites":

I had some luck searching for "course web sites" anywhere in the full text of the articles like this:

There are articles about PE class websites, which is a nice parallel to music class. Search like this:

  • In the first box: "physical education"
  • In the second box: websites

You'll notice in many of these searches I'm using quotation marks to enclose keyword phrases. That keeps those words sandwiched together in the article results. They are not needed for single keywords.

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have other questions.




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