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One way to search would be to search broadly for articles about visual methods. In the following search, I used this:

In the first box: deaf

In the second box: "visual techniques" OR "visual materials" OR "visual multimedia" OR "visual aids"

Results from Search@CULibraries can be seen here:

Another way to look for articles would be to look for all of those examples you listed anywhere in the full text of the articles. You can do that in the individual education databases by changing the drop down selection to the right (see below). You'll notice I didn't do that with the keyword deaf. That can be searched normally. 

Here is a sample list of results from ProQuest Education databases:


keywords in search boxes with document full text option chosen in drop down box to the right

Once you find some articles that work, see if the authors use other keyword options to describe other organizational tools. You can keep adding others in new searches, or add to the original search, separated by OR.

You will also want to look at recurring subject terms for articles that work for your topic. You can also use those in other searches. You'll find subject terms listed under the "details" or "abstract" section of the articles.



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